⌒°(ᴖ◡ᴖ)°⌒ - How I Work

Hjalmar Nordén 2012, (c) Andrea Langendorf

I have worked professionally as an Actor, Singer and Dancer since 2009, but I've always received the most praise for my acting.

Working my ways through varied styles and methods, I have come to find my own acting tools and the best way for me to shine on stage.

Though I have worked a lot with physical theatre; knowing, analysing and understanding people is one of my specialities.

When there is room, I love taking part in the different creative processes on stage.

I have been a part of both scene-writing and choreographing, yielding positive response from the creative teams as well as the audience.

Naturally, not all productions have the luxury of time during rehearsals, but when they do I love having plenty of room to try out all kinds of possibilities on stage.

Hjalmar Nordén as Eddie (The Wild Party), (c) Johan Schildt
Hjalmar Nordén at Blue Village, 2010

Acting aside, my dancing and singing are equally strong, and I have a big love for gospel, rock and lyrical hip hop. I have a background in breakdance and have taken jazz, ballet and tap classes.

I deliver with personality. If you want creativity with a gleam in the eye, I'm your man.

When the production calls for it, I love working with improvisation and unpredictability.

If you are as goal-oriented, passionate and have as much a love for the art as I have, I'm very much looking forward to working with you.

Hjalmar Nordén as Tom Morgan in Treasure Island, ActStockholm 2012, (c) Armin Taheri
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