Mom - For showing me the world, inspiring me with your ambitions and always finding me loads of exciting things to do. And for sending me chocolate
Dad - For always aiming high with your own arts and believing in me pursuing my own
Siri - For always encouraging me and making me feel important
Julia - For inspiring me to dare to do this in the first place
Valeria - For being present with your love every day

You guys are the best and I love you so much.

Karsten - For always being a great friend, giving me high priority and coming to visit me around the world
Budrik, Mira - For giving me a great challenge as Al Capone and truckloads of encouragement ever since
Tothis - For your big heart, listening and encouragement
Stolen Routes - We just love each other's stuff, don't we?
- Our creative projects and childhood memories have shaped me into the person I am today
Martina - For getting me back to myself when I was completely derailed
Ola Svensson - For believing in me

Dildo, Isabella, Andeshhh, Erik Persson, Lars-Torgny Lasson, Katarina Herrström, Måns Boll, Henrik Larsson, Petra Boakes, Claes Ek, Magdalena Tsiobanelis, Ida Olofsson, Stephanie Offer, Wictor Koch, Lenni Engen, Stefan Högström, Helena Jacobsson, Martin Emson, Christian Jensen, Joel Wahlstroem, Damien, Mikael Einarsson, Emilie Péladé, Alex Hughes.

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