୧༼ ヘ ᗜ ヘ ༽୨ - Biography

As a child, I found my joy on stage through school plays. Quite often I grabbed the lead roles, even when they were female, and enjoyed all the lines I could lay my hands on. I loved role-playing, creating freaky characters and stories with my friends, and also started playing the piano. As I turned teenager I got into street dance and breaking.

Somewhere along the way I got the strange idea of aiming for a safe, academic education, but it didn't stick for long. As I studied Japanese, Behavioural Sciences and Marine Biology at Lund University for wont of better things to do, I got into student plays and musical comedies. Along with a good deal of encouragement from very dear friends, I slowly found my way back to my childhood dreams.

Hjalmar Nordén, Crazy Feet Summer Show 2001 (c) Jan Nordén
Hjalmar Nordén in motion, 2009 (c) Jan Nordén

It was when I turned 24 that things really started cooking and I started taking my passion seriously. After two years of studying Musical Theatre at Markaryds Folkhögskola and Musikteaterskolan i Bjärnum, I took my first job as a professional actor at the western park High Chaparral, got a role as advanced dancer in the ensemble of the musical theatre Cabaret, made some web commercials and soon got abroad in 2Entertain's animation team at TUI Nordic's Blue Village hotels.

With my first professional stage experience in hand, I decided to keep working on my technique. I moved to Stockholm and got accepted into the second year of Kulturama's Musical Theatre education, where I finished in spring 2012. It turned out to be just what I needed. Though you never stop learning in this business, I now considered my school years ended.

During my free time in Stockholm, I started building up a good network of contacts. I worked with Odenteatern (now closed), the dance group Oriental Move, Comedy Art Theatre and did several smaller dancing and singing performances. For the first time I tried playwriting and choreographed my own dance routines on a professional level. Through my new contacts I also got into working with film and TV commercials.

As I wanted to focus a bit on my singing, I started working as a Show Artist for Thomas Cook in 2013. This is also how I met my girlfriend. We performed in a four man team on Gran Canaria, Tenerife, in Thailand and Bulgaria.

After all that traveling and with a fair amount of money in hand, I felt somewhat confined by the thought of going back to Sweden. Instead, in late 2015, I ended up in London, a city which has always pulled my sleeve. This is where I am now working - with film, theatre and musical theatre jobs being at the top of my list.

I'm living the dream. <3

Hjalmar Nordén with Oriental Move (c) Jan Nordén


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